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Avery D



Now, $74,000/yr Job Offer, After 1 Month

Avery started as a factory worker with a wife and kids to support.

He shot the video you can see on the left after 1 month in FREEMOTE. when he got a job offer for $74,000 per year as a front end developer.

His dream was not just to work full time, but to continue freelancing as well.

You can see the verified earnings he got on the UpWork freelancing platform after 6 months.

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Saul V



Profitable Freelancer After 1 Month

Saul attended a code bootcamp and every student's worst fear came true...
He spent all that time and money, and didn't get a job.

Instead of giving up on coding, Saul took a chance by joining Freemote, which was still relatively new at the time.

Fortunately, he was in good hands -- he got incredible results after just 1 month working with 4 clients at the same time.

You can see his verified earnings JUST on a single platform, UpWork, after 6 months.

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Zach T


Before: English teacher Minimum Wage

Remote Programming Job in Japan

Working overseas is a dream, but for most people it requires big sacrifices. In fact, it's common to become an English teacher and get by on pennies, just for the experience.

Now imagine working in Japan...except you got to keep your same salary, or even better... That's what Zach,  pulled off for his first programming job! He shared his success and some of the details in his testimonial.

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Connor J



Got a Front End Internship with his FREEMOTE portfolio

Connor started FREEMOTE while still a college student, building up his front end skills as he went through the weeks.

He was able to land an interview for Ubisoft, a well-known gaming company because they were impressed with the FREEMOTE projects on his resume.

Connor nailed the interview and the internship, and once you get that first internship, you're pretty much set for a career as a developer!

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Amine A



Earning a full time Engineer Salary

Coming from a low income country, Amine from Morocco made a massive investment in himself when he joined Freemote.

He went all-in on the strategies and got results very quickly after joining, after just a single month.

Almost immediately, he was making more than full time engineers in his country, while working far less hours.

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Kaido S



Full Time Developer & Coding Mentor

Kaido worked a variety of jobs in his 30s before he moved back to Estonia, a developing baltic country in Eastern Europe.

Though he'd learned a bit of front end coding before Freemote, he was stuck in what's commonly known as "tutorial hell"

FREEMOTE gave him the structure and direction he needed to make progress on an actual career in coding, which led to a full time job offer from Pipedrive!

As he went through the program he was extremely proactive in helping other students, so we also hired Kaido as a FREEMOTE mentor who you can get help from!

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Forrest W

USA / Taiwan


Full Time Remote Front End Developer

Forrest started out as an English teacher in Taiwan, but wanted to improve his work with more flexibility and location independence.

After going through the FREEMOTE program, he equipped himself with the skills to seize the right opportunity when it arose.

He was able to grab exactly that opportunity and turn it into a front end developer job, fully remote.

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Josh F



Side Hustle Freelance Developer

Josh started FREEMOTE while still in college, where he experienced the pain of being a broke college student.

Before even joining UpWork, he started to see success, but after joining the platform, his results really started to take off in a massive way.

Josh has already made some incredible progress, but is still just getting started on his freelance journey.

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Jon C



Freelancer Who Became His Own Boss

Jon already had some technical background, but even as a project manager, he still had to report to his superiors and was, at the end of the day, an employee.

Desiring the freedom that a freelancing career would provide, even if it felt risky, was why Jon decided to join FREEMOTE.

He now has more clients than he can handle and was kind enough to take some time out of his schedule and shoot us this video !

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Chrys B



$8.5K per MONTH as a Programmer

Before FREEMOTE, Chrys B went through an IT certification program. Unfortunately, this did not get him any job offers.

Fortunately, Chrys found FREEMOTE and went through the HTML, CSS and front end weeks of the program.

Using what he learned in those weeks alone, he was able to earn a $8,500 per month (over $100k annualized) contract role while based in Quebec, Canada.

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Ryan V



Now, More Freelance Offers Than Time

Ryan became a very active member of the FREEMOTE community as soon as he joined, which is one attribute many successful members have.

After building a stunning portfolio he started gaining massive traction freelancing using the methods we cover for outreach.

As of today, he's got a full schedule freelancing and is raising his rates.

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Ramzi A

United Kingdom


Ambitious & Successful UK Freelancer

Ramzi from London came into FREEMOTE with a great, positive attitude and desire to be the next FREEMOTE success story that was featured on our site.

This desire became reality when, even though, Ramzi was able to build up a great stream of income while freelancing part time as a side hustle.

As a recent graduate concerned about job prospects, he now no longer needs to worry and is crushing it.

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Rory N



Now, Flexible & Free Work Schedule

Having a family, Rory wanted to prioritize a flexible lifestyle with his work. He saw freelancing as the path forward and FREEMOTE helped him get there.

With FREEMOTE guiding him and a good amount of effort and motivation, Rory made his dream come true when he started to earn a freelancing income.

Now, with a completely flexible schedule he can do whatever he wants with his day.

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Success With Freelancing After 1 Week

Gail had been in a completely unrelated field as a tax accountant for 10 years.

He wanted to, for a change, be able to choose who he can actually work with. Having a single bad client can make your life hell.

He's now having massive success as a freelance developer and finally has the freedom to choose who to work with.

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Broke even on the Program in 2 months

JR was previously a salesman with T-Mobile before joining Freemote.

Though he did spend some time learning HTML and CSS prior to joining, he was confident he could have learned everything in FREEMOTE.

Now he's broken even after just 2 months, and is very close to full time level earnings as a freelance developer.

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